How to Avoid ScamsWhenShoppingFor A Car?

Awareness Is The Best Defense Against Scams

While car buyers and sellers deal with each other, there remains a high risk of scams performed by people having an interest to swindle both the parties out of money. But you can be the fortunate one to prevent any such scam having enough awareness. By being enlightened, you can make sure to use your judgment in the best direction while performing any car sale or purchase transaction.

We Only List Sellers, We Are Not Car Dealers does not own, buy or sell cars. Our services only comprise listings of cars, details of which directly come from sellers and thus we aim to connect sellers and buyers. Since we are not car dealers, we are not responsible for any information about the cars listed on our website. Only sellers are accountable for it.

If you ever happen to receive an email that suggests that we are selling or buying a car, it is most likely bogus information. Kindly report it to us and to law enforcement.

Bhph list Does not Offer Warehousing Or Car Shipping Services

We don't have warehouses to store and ship cars from. If you receive an email asking for payment for shipment of your car from the seller with the logo of Bhph list, please avoid it and report it to us and to law enforcement. Please make sure that you acquire shipping services from a reputed warehouse. In case, a seller recommends you a particular warehousing service, research on its originality. If it is found to be a bogus warehousing company, please report it to us as we want to ensure only reliable sellers are listed on our website.

We Never Ask for Your Personal Or Financial Details

Please keep in mind that we do not ask you for personal or financial details which imply that any email asking you for such details with the name of our company, logo etc, is counterfeit. Scammers sending you sham emails are certainly intending to deceive you to surface info like user id and password, bank account number, SSN, Credit Card Number etc.

You need not fear the fact that we would take down your listing if you don't provide us with financial details. We only will need your credit card details when you want to purchase an ad on our website. If you receive an email that you feel is a scam, please report it to us.

We Do not Endorse A Car Sale Or Purchase

As we already mentioned that we are not car dealers, instead we simply show up sellers who can be contacted to buy cars. We do not prefer any seller or buyer nor do we encourage a purchase or sale of any vehicle. Any email with a fake claim of our company's name urging you to make a sale/purchase transaction can be fraudulent. We never send emails to buyers or sellers in the support of purchase or sale of a particular car listed on

You must know that

  1. We do not claim the security of any transaction.
  2. We do not claim that we have verified info about any specific buyer, seller or listing.

You must avoid any email revealing such kind of false claims and report it to us and to law enforcement.

We Do not Conditionalize Participation In Contests With Payment puts up contests from time to time but never do we ask for money to let you participate in the contests or to claim the prize. Any email showing you up such info can be an attempt to deceive you for money.

Remember the following things if any email claims us holding a promotional contest

  1. Make sure to visit our website to confirm the accuracy of the information.Do not participate if you do not find any relevant information on the website.
  2. Do not directly open any links embedded in the email. The link may camouflage any harmful code that could redirect you to another website. Copy and paste the link to your browser and open it there.

Please report any suspicious email to us and to law enforcement!

Be Cautious Of Fake Escrow Services

Many scammers mask themselves with escrow service providers which hold back the payment of buyers until the sellers ships the vehicle to them. The scammers by purporting to be escrow service people intend to swindle buyers out of money. does not affiliate with any escrow service provider and therefore you must remember the following things before opting for an escrow service

  1. Check the legitimacy of escrow services with state regulators.
  2. Check out the escrow company on BBB.
  3. Don't click on the links the email shows; instead, open those links in the browser.
  4. Abolish the transaction in case the other party insists you on taking an escrow service that you are not sure about.