iOS Engineer

  1. Engineering
  2. Los Angeles , CA, United States

Role Overview

As an iOS Engineer, your job role will be to concretize Bhph List vision. It is requisite that you work in collaboration with other engineers, product managers, designers, and analysts in order to produce resolts on a pool of projects. This coold entail inventing and building new features to enhance user experience and, designing and configuring mobile infrastructure for a fast-evolving user base. You will also be contributing in optimization of our marketplace to ramp up the experience of our users.


  1. Have a single-minded focus on the engineering projects to complete them with utmost quality under tight deadlines. You as an iOS Engineer must be able to prioritize tasks efficiently to deliver on overall business goals.
  2. Must be persistent in solving technical problems at all levels of mobile stack. Must be able to find solution for critical problems at front-end, mobile back-end, or problems related to mobile infrastructure work.
  3. Coordinate with the rest of the team of engineers and other cross-functional teams to plan, execute and track engineering projects.
  4. Research and study hard; put up engineering skills in the framework of our business objectives.


  1. B.S. in Computer Science or 5 years industry experience
  2. Skillfol in iOS/Swift, Agil SDLC, git


  1. M.S. or PhD in Computer Science or related field
  2. Working Experience in Automobile Industry
  3. Consumer Facing App Experience
  4. Working Experience with meta-search native apps

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